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Published on 01/07/2024 00:01 by Jacob Latonis

100 Days of Yara in 2024: Day 07

I’m currently working on another PR for parsing some more load commands for Mach-O binaries. However, I was trying to find something in the documentation, and I realized it does not exist currently.

The Context

YARA-X has their test binaries stored in a very particular way. For the first step, the binary is converted to Intel Hex format. After that, the file is then zipped into a zip archive and placed in the appropriate folder.

Formatting the files appropriately

To convert the binary to Intel Hex format, we can use the scripts provided at python-intelhex/intelhex.

To start, we need the raw binary with the sha256 of the binary as its identifier.

bin2hex.py <sha256_hash> <sha256_hash>.in
zip <sha256_hash>.in.zip <sha256_hash>.in
mv <sha256_hash>.in.zip <location_of_yara-x>/yara-x/src/modules/<module>/tests/testdata/

Converting the Files back to Original Format

If you need the files back in binary form, you can inverse the steps above.

unzip <sha256_hash>.in.zip
hex2bin.py <sha256_hash>.in <sha256_hash>

You can now explore the binary in its native form.

Finished Work

I also submitted a PR to YARA-X documentation here: #69

Written by Jacob Latonis

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