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Published on 12/30/2023 00:01 by Jacob Latonis

me at MongoDB .local NYC

About Me

Hi, I’m Jacob. Currently, I am a senior software engineer on the threat research team @ proofpoint.

I’ve experience in software engineering, security operations, threat intellgience, security engineering, and a lot more. Right now, I am focusing on building internal tooling and software to help protect the internet via my role @ proofpoint. I’m passionate about open source software, community building, and having fun along the way. I’ve conttributed to various projects along the way, but namely, I’m focusing on a few currently outside of my current role:

I write in a whole lot of different languages, depending on what the task or job requires. I’ve written full stack tools in Sveltekit + Go, CLI tools in Rust, Python, and a few more :P, and much more.

Written by Jacob Latonis

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