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Published on 01/16/2024 00:01 by Jacob Latonis

100 Days of Yara in 2024: Day 16

Today is going to be a short one, but that is okay! Way back in Day 02, I talked about how chores and maintenance in open source projects remains very important. In Day 07, I made a PR on documentation to better allow new contributors to YARA-X to know how to generate test data and files. Victor (the primary maintainer of YARA-X), has some feedback on the update, which I agreed with. For this post, I just wanted to document that collaboration happens often in open source projects, some of it may be very large, and some of it may be small changes like documentation :).


In my original PR, I suggested adding documentation on how to convert binaries to ihex format and from ihex format back to binary. However, I suggested the change below:

To convert the binary to Intel Hex format, we can use the scripts provided at [python-intelhex/intelhex](https://github.com/python-intelhex/intelhex/).

However, Victor suggested adding documentation steps for objcopy and llvm-objcopy, as they’re wider known and generally come with the operating system if on Linux or MacOS, and I agree. Taking Victor’s feedback, I broke the documentation into 3 sections:

This allows for both the well known utilities as well as the Python tool if they cannot convert the binaries using the aforementioned tools. :)

Finished Work

This post was just to mainly show collaboration occurs at all steps, and it is not all massive code reviews and PRs. Sometimes, it’s just a suggestion to change a line or two of markdown to make it easier for new contributors.

I added this work to the PR to YARA-X here: #69 :)

Written by Jacob Latonis

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